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About Eric

This is the part of the site where I'm supposed to talk about my process and artistic vision, right? "Come see the world through my lens" and all that? 

Well, that's not exactly me. Instead, I'll just tell you who I am.

The person behind the lens on these photos has been on a search to find out who he truly is for a very long time. I worked a number of different career paths and dipped my toes in so many pools that my big toe is in a perpetual state of pruny-ness (yes - I know that's not a word, but how else are you supposed to describe it?).

Through it all, however, I've always been called to photography. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's because I appreciate the fact that every single one of us views the world around us in our own way. Maybe it's because I'm fascinated at the idea of completely freezing and recording an exact moment in time. Think about it...twenty-seven ten-thousandths of a second on either side of a photograph is a completely different image. It is almost completely impossible to recreate the same photograph...the moment passes exactly when the shutter is triggered. There's something cool and finite and...rare...about that for me.

Now that I work professionally and "full time" (whatever that means anymore) as a commercial photographer, the urge to create has grown stronger than ever before. Through my ground and aerial photography work as the owner of Zencat Visual LLC, I've acquired tools of the trade that not all that long ago would have only been mentioned in science-fiction novels. Put those two notions together and a creative outlet had to be created. Thus was born Eric Fadden Photography. 

I hope you enjoy your time here on the site and in the galleries. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about any of the work you see or if you're interested in commissioning a piece for yourself.

Be well and thanks for reading,

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